Are you willing to lead others to God?
Do you have a desire to be totally dedicated to God who is loved most of all?
Are you willing to lay down your life for the sake of your spouse and your family?

Diaconate Ordination

The Diaconate Ordination of Deacon Thane Barnier, Deacon Maurice Barrett, Reverend Mr. Timothy Cone, Deacon Timothy Dickes, Reverend Mr. Thomas Rausch and Deacon Glenn Ridder.

Priesthood Ordination

The Priesthood Ordination of Reverend Patrick Grode.

Vocation Director's View
Fr. Shaun Haggerty

Summer 2018

For those who have not heard. I was just named pastor of St. Lambert’s in Sioux Falls! Unfortunately my time with O’Gorman High School as their chaplain has come to an end. But I will still remain Vocations Director for the diocese. In receiving my new ministry, I am going to have to make some adjustments to our summer events. Namely, I have cancelled the JPII Rocky Mountain Expedition for this year. However, I hope to bring it back if the circumstances allow. I have also consolidated our JPII Vocation Camp into one camp. Therefore, instead of two camps May 29-31 and June 1-3rd, we will have only one camp, […]

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This morning the Seminarians had Mass and breakfast with the Perpetual Adoration Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament in the Chapel in their new..

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