Vocation Director’s View

Summer 2019

This Summer we will have our JPII Vocations Camp at Abbey of the Hills in Marvin, SD  June 5th-7th 2019. This camp is for boys going into 7th grade or getting out of their Sophomore year. For our older boys 16 and older we have our JP II Rocky Mountain Expedition July 28th-August 3rd. This is ALL NEW in that we will be using special guides from Wyoming Catholic College to lead us deep into the wilderness to camp and grow closer to God. We will not be doing our Holy Smoke Car Show this year as my assignment has changed. I am now also the pastor of a large […]

Fall 2018

The Fall is here and so are Seminary Visits and Vocation Dinners. Check out our events below to take part in some good discernment opportunities.

Summer 2018

For those who have not heard. I was just named pastor of St. Lambert’s in Sioux Falls! Unfortunately my time with O’Gorman High School as their chaplain has come to an end. But I will still remain Vocations Director for the diocese. In receiving my new ministry, I am going to have to make some adjustments to our summer events. Namely, I have cancelled the JPII Rocky Mountain Expedition for this year. However, I hope to bring it back if the circumstances allow. I have also consolidated our JPII Vocation Camp into one camp. Therefore, instead of two camps May 29-31 and June 1-3rd, we will have only one camp, […]

Spring 2018

The Vocations Office is geared up for this spring and summer. We have a lot of opportunities for you to discern your vocation. We have our seminary visits in February and March to St. Paul, MN and Winona, MN. We are bringing back our VOCATIONS CAMPS at Abbey of the Hills this summer May 29-31 and June 1-3! We have our 3rd Annual Holy Smoke Car Show on July 21st and our 4th Annual JPII Rocky Mountain Vocation Expedition July 29-Aug 4th. Please check out the events below to participate. We have a lot opportunities, but for you who? You! Any young man who is not married should come on […]

November – December Seminary Visits

The time is now! I remember when I was thinking of going to seminary while I was in college. I went back and forth in my mind about it. It went something like this. I am not sure I am suppose to be a priest. I want a wife and about 4-6 children of my own. I have about a 50% chance in my heart I am called to be a priest. I have dated different girls, but nothing is very serious right now. However, I have never dated the church. Therefore, I need to take her out on a date to see. So I visited the seminary. It did […]

October 2017 Falling in Love in the Fall

A vocation is all about falling in love. First we experience God’s love and mercy and His desire for us, we then desire to love him back!  How we love God back is our vocation. St. John puts it this way, “In this is love: not that we have loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as expiation for our sins. Beloved, if God so loved us, we also must love one another.” 1 John 4:10 Every vocation is about receiving this love and then loving God through those whom he places in our midst. This fall there are many opportunities to discern your vocation and fall […]

May 2017

The Ordination are coming.  Six Men to be Ordained!

January 2017

Happy New Year! God continues to bless us. We will ordain six men to the priesthood this year and two men to the tranistional diaconate. Though we are losing six men from the seminary for the priesthood, and I am sure we will have one or two men discern out, next fall does not look thin. We are still having 10 men applying to the seminary, and these men are all great candidates! We could still grow from 31 to maybe 32 or even 33 next year. There is always room for more in the family. I have posted many upcoming spring and summer events. It is going to be […]