Summer 2018

For those who have not heard. I was just named pastor of St. Lambert’s in Sioux Falls! Unfortunately my time with O’Gorman High School as their chaplain has come to an end. But I will still remain Vocations Director for the diocese. In receiving my new ministry, I am going to have to make some adjustments to our summer events. Namely, I have cancelled the JPII Rocky Mountain Expedition for this year. However, I hope to bring it back if the circumstances allow. I have also consolidated our JPII Vocation Camp into one camp. Therefore, instead of two camps May 29-31 and June 1-3rd, we will have only one camp, May 29-31. However, I have opened up enrollment to allow for more participants than normal to accommodate the demand.

As usual we will be having Ordinations May 24th to the Diaconate and May 25th to the priesthood. We will be ordained two transitional deacons, Thomas Rausch and Tim Cone. We will ordain one to the priesthood, Deacon Patrick Grode. This is always a wonderful time for the diocese. Please pray for these men that Mary may protect them as God consecrates them for His service.

Lastly, we will still have our 3rd Annual Holy Smoke Car Show on July 21st at O’Gorman High School. However, I will be looking for others to lead for next year as I will no longer be able to lead it as pastor of St. Lamberts. A testament to a good thing is if it’s leadership can change hands. Let’s pray it is a good thing and God Blesses it! His will be done.

In the Heart of Christ,

Fr. Shaun Haggerty

Vocation Director's View